nFANART “VERSUS! Fight The Kraken”

nFANART “VERSUS! Fight The Kraken” @Podo

Leisure activities of Thai character artists coming together to draw their work. You can follow the work of me and my friends through this channel.

KALAHA VERSUS! Fight The Kraken อัพเดทกิจกรรม ผู้ท้าทายคนแรกมาแล้ว…

KALAHA VERSUS! Fight The Kraken KovifamilyKALAHA VERSUS! Fight The Kraken Podo
Event Fight the Kraken

  • Collab Quest
  • Draw your character fight against my kraken
  • Group photo and event end 30 April
  • DM for say hello and more info
  • Use #FightTheKraken to join

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